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TIME: 5.30am-8.30am Weekdays  

The Wake Up Call is a unique mix of news, views, fun and entertainment. A tad irreverent, but mainly devoted to keeping Central Victoria connected to what really matters in their streets, neighbourhoods and communities.


Mark Robinson BIO image

What got you interested in radio?

A friend of my brother was in radio, and after seeing him and talking to him, I decided to apply for a radio course.

What sports teams to do you follow?

Geelong Cats in AFL, Melbourne United in Basketball, Melbourne Victory in Soccer, Spurs in Premier League and Ireland in international Rugby.

What's the one quality you possess?

I like to think I have empathy and can get on with most people. One former boss dubbed me the 'Kofi Annan' (Former head of United Nations) of the radio station!

What makes The Wake Up Call interesting for you?

I love the energy of breakfast radio, the wide range of content we can cover, from light to more weighty stories, plus Bendigo is a really vibrant regional city and a great place to live and work.

Favourite overseas location?

Mallin Head Ireland (the most northerly point of the island)...rocky, barren, windswept but just magical!

Favourite band?

The Neville Brothers.